Welcome Back!

Here at Boyle Parochial School the children have enjoyed a number of activities in tandem with classroom learning since the start of term.

The Senior Room children enjoyed a guided tour of Boyle Abbey in late September.  An afternoon was spent there sketching elements of the abbey which had been closely studied by the children.  The children realised that the daily routine of Boyle Abbey residents, the Cistercian monks, was very different to the routines they are familiar with today.  There was no energy crisis.  All labour was manual and the Abbey lacked any effective system of heating!!

The Junior Room children took part in a story telling session given by Niall de Burca.  The renowned storyteller delighted his audience with a Hooley of Tales for National Children’s Book Festival 2022.  The children were laughing throughout the session.  It certainly was an inspiring occasion for our own budding storytellers!!